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Featured image for “Scholarships Now Available in Australia’s Northern Territory”

Scholarships Now Available in Australia’s Northern Territory

Are you an International student interested in living and studying in the Northern Territory? The Study in Australia’s Northern Territory …read more


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Pause to Re-Opening

Overnight, the Prime Minister announced a temporary pause to Australia’s next phase of re-opening, slated for tomorrow, 1 December. The …read more


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New ANZSCO Release

The fourth revision since the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) was established in 2006 has been …read more


Featured image for “Switzerland to get access to work and holiday program”

Switzerland to get access to work and holiday program

The Morrison Government has announced that Switzerland will become the 45th country to have access to Australia’s Working Holiday Maker …read more


Featured image for “Massive Changes For International Students”

Massive Changes For International Students

To ensure the rapid return of international students and to accelerate the post-pandemic recovery process, the Australian government has today …read more


Featured image for “December 1 Opening-Up”

December 1 Opening-Up

As Australia moves to its final phase of the reopening plan, more than 200,000 international students, skilled migrants and refugees …read more


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Relocating to Australia

Moving house is a nightmare. Moving countries? Well… although it is a dream come true for many, the finer details …read more


Featured image for “Proof of Vaccinations for Temporary Residents”

Proof of Vaccinations for Temporary Residents

If you’ve had two doses of a TGA approved vaccine, you are considered fully vaccinated. To prove this when visiting …read more


Featured image for “Backpacker Tax Lifted”

Backpacker Tax Lifted

Big news for Backpackers! Australian Federal Court backs 2019 ruling the controversial ‘backpacker tax’ invalid Following an appeal by the …read more


Featured image for “Permanent Residency for Hong Kong and BNO Passport Holders”

Permanent Residency for Hong Kong and BNO Passport Holders

After months of deliberation and speculation, the Australian government has passed new laws which give Hong Kong passport holders pathways …read more


Featured image for “S48 Bar to be Lifted for Common Onshore Skilled Visa Applications”

S48 Bar to be Lifted for Common Onshore Skilled Visa Applications

Section 48 prevents people who have had a visa refused or cancelled, and currently hold a bridging visa, from applying …read more


Featured image for “Migration: How Many Points Do I Have?”

Migration: How Many Points Do I Have?

In our line of work, points matter. We often get asked by current and prospective clients, “How many points do …read more


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